12.) Article Marketing To Drive Traffic To Your Site:

Article marketing is a potent web site promotion tool. It is also a best method to drive highly qualified traffic to your web site, if you submit or send your articles to suitable article directories.

Several online marketers know the amount of web site traffic they will get through article marketing, after submitting their articles to article directories. Therefore, article marketing is becoming exceedingly popular as a free way to gain quick inbound links for a web site.

Tips To Consider:
Several people submit their articles in top article directories. Hence, there is a huge competition to submit articles as per the submission rules, specifications, and guidelines of article directories.

In recent days, with the underlying competition, newsletter editors, and article distributors have become choosier toward articles selection for submitting them to article directories.

Tip 1 - Title
Similar to the name of a web site, the title for an article is also of huge
importance in terms of both, to drive web site traffic and for submission in article directories. A short, to the point, and attractive title and at the same time not too funky, may do the job for you.

The quicker the people get familiar with what your article is about, the quicker they will turn into your customers. Never try to use an unreliable title. Although, it may bring you some good web site traffic, but editors in article directories are expected to get disappointed, which will ultimately create a mess in your article submission process.

Tip 2 - Abstract and Keywords
Abstract is a short detail of one to two sentences for an article. Several article directories distributors have a character or byte limit for submission purposes. Hence, try to obey that limit. Keywords need to conclude within four to five phrases. They also need to be relevant enough to your article theme or subject.

Tip 3 - Sensible Approach
In article marketing, you always need to include a good, sensible, error-free content in your articles and submission in popular article directories for quick promotion. These will not only help you to get the desired web site traffic, but will also allow you to develop trust and reliability amongst visitors.

Tip 4 - Proof Read Your Article
Always proofread your articles before submitting them to article directories, as it is very embarrassing to see articles with bad spellings and grammar posted on the Internet. This also will create a inferior impression on visitors and your prospective customers, and will ultimately affect your web site traffic too.

Tip 5 - Write and Promote Quality Articles
This is the main reason for which many online marketers fail with article distribution process in top article directories. Hence, ensure that your articles are easy to read and understand. They also need to be informative and somewhat exciting or compelling to read.

Tip 6 - Prospect Connection
Finally, try to develop a connection with your visitors or customers, because people like to read what relates with them. Hence, remember this, while writing articles and before submitting them to article directories.

These are some successful ways to drive traffic to your web site with article marketing and in terms of article directories.

The most popular article directories are:

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