3.) Effective Techniques Of Using Your “Welcome” Page

In the internet business or affiliating marketing, when a subscriber sign in to the opt-in page, the following page that your subscriber see is widely known as “welcome page”. Do not overlook the “welcome page. In fact, this is one of the important tools that serve at least 3 purposes:

a.) To introduce yourself

You can introduce yourself to the subscribers. Let them know about your background, tell them what is your strength and niche, and at the same time, able to give some them some expert advise in the area of their interests. This will create a relationship that will be at your long term advantage. The reason is very simple, In a longer term, a person is more likely to buy products from someone they know than someone they don’t.

b.) To remind them to turn add you in their addressing list

If you promise to give gifts or bonuses in your opt in page, you do not want your emails or messages end up in the junk box. Especially some of the webmail systems built in with very high security, their default setting is to treat unknown mails as spam mails. So do remind your subscribers to check their junk box or add you to their address list. It is also to ensure promised gifts are delivery to
their inbox.

c.) Give your subscribers a quick overview of your affiliate products

Give your subscribers a good overview of your affiliate products. It is a good opportunity to let your subscribers know that they are some great products on line. Give them an introduction or short description of the products, and attached with picture images. “Picture paint a

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