2. ) The Importance of Autoresponder and Opt-in Page:

E-mails are a best way to communicate with your visitors and customers. If you have a prospering Internet business, you may receive many e-mails from your customers regarding queries, feedbacks, and upcoming offers.

Replying to all those e-mails becomes a tiring job and consumes many hours. Even if you reply to all those e-mails, later you may suffer from sore fingers due to constant typing. The answer to all these problems is an autoresponder. Using autoresponder, you can automate your business and save time.

For your Internet business to prosper, you need to have an efficient opt-in page too. It requires a lot of discipline and patience to drive the target customers to your web page. You need to have an impressive opt-in page, so that your visitors on your opt-in page turn into your prospective customers. Your opt-in page needs to be as simple and easy to understand the details of your business.

Benefits of Autoresponder:

You may need an autoresponder for several reasons. You can use an
autoresponder to send e-mails to your customers about your products, services, price lists and to reply the customers, who send in the same questions repeatedly. With the help of an autoresponder, you may present your visitors with special offers. An autoresponder also helps to advertise your Internet business and to build a steady relation with your customers.

Autoresponder also sends many follow up messages to customers. You can adjust the time interval to send these messages to your customers regularly. For instance, you can set a particular time interval for sending new messages on a daily basis. Autoresponder also allows you to add your signature to all e-mails. Signature on e-mails helps the customer to remember your business identity.

The most popular Autoresponders is the :

a.) Aweber
b.) Get Response

Benefits of Opt-in Page:

An efficient Opt-in page provides the following benefits to your Internet business:

1. An opt-in page firstly needs to have a persuasive or noticeable headline. This headline is the first sentence that a customer sees on an opt-in page. This helps in attracting the visitor to read the further information on the opt-in page.

2. Opt-in page provides all the information and benefits that the visitor
receives from your Internet business. Mention your key specialization areas in bulleted or bolded form in your opt-in page for a clear view to visitors.

3. It provides the visitor stepwise guidance for what they have to do next. For instance, an opt-in page guides a visitor where they need to put in their name and e-mail address for further information.

4. Opt-in pages provide the subscription forms for visitors, who are interested in your business.

5. Opt-in page helps in maintaining privacy. It ensures that all the personal information of the visitor are kept confidential and it will not be leaked to any other person.

6. Opt-in pages provide with special bonus features, if visitors are interested in your business. People love to receive gifts and it helps in attracting more visitors.

Thus, autoresponder and the opt-in page are powerful and effective tools for your Internet business. It allows you to contact and to present all the information about your business to potential customers.

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