4.) Importance of Link Cloaker in Affiliate Marketing:

You may be curious to know as to how and why to use Link Cloaker in a web site. Well, the answer is a very simple and sensible one. If your site clearly shows that your link is an affiliate one, then certainly your visitors may not click or go directly to the main URL of that link. This will prevent you from getting loads of commission from such visitors, even though you have referred them. Hence, to avoid this and hide your link, you need to cloak your link with a Link Cloaker. This link will direct your visitors to the same URL and at the same time, your status
bar does not show that your URL is an affiliate link.

The best thing about this tool is that you can easily and quickly encode it into your html web links and protect them from those prying eyes. You can use this wonderful tool for your affiliate programs to prevent sales theft and link hijacking. In addition, the Link Cloaker assists you to cover your affiliate link from visitors.

Reasons for Using Link Cloaker:

Link Cloaker has been around for many years in the industry. It lets you hide your affiliate URL from commission thieves, thus protecting your commissions. It is a new brand of cloaking tool designed especially to save thousands of dollars from prying eyes.

The main reason you need to install this cloak software on your affiliate link is to avoid link bypassing. When you move the mouse over a web link in your browser, it appears in your status bar. When visitors see this affiliate link, they type this link into their address bar without adding any affiliate bound. This bypasses and goes directly into your affiliate web site fetching you many commissions.

There are many ways to cloak an affiliate link. For instance, you can either make use of your own domain name or cloak the link by html. Often, a secure way is to buy your own domain and send it to affiliate link by URL cloaking. This ensures that your affiliate web link is not noticeable by anyone. Certainly, those curious eyes will find it difficult to trace it down through any search engine help.

Many, after losing thousands of dollars to affiliate hijackers, feel safer today with this remarkable tool. With easy instructions and quick installation, many affiliate marketers are now cloaking their link up to prevent sales theft. This tool also allows you to prop up e-books and other products online with full confidence.

Link Cloaker is necessary for people who sell products as an online affiliate on behalf of someone else. Though Link Cloaker is a simple software tool, it is very effective for affiliate marketing. Just install this software on your domain, enter the link that you want to cloak and it will automatically start working. The users interface is rather old and executes slowly at times. It is very helpful for both beginners as well as intermediate affiliate marketers.

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